Feeling disconnected and lonely in your marriage?

You knew marriage wouldn't be easy.  But you didn't expect it to be THIS hard!

When you got married, you knew "happily ever after" was just for fairy tales. Nobody has a perfect marriage - but you figured you would find a way to make it work. 

Then, the arguments started. You started to wonder how you could care about someone so much, and yet feel so frustrated and misunderstood. It scared you, how easily your partner could shut you out. Or maybe you were the one doing the shutting down, just to numb the pain. What happened to all the love and passion you once had?

You're looking for better communication. And much more than that, you're hoping to rebuild the connection with one another- and maybe make it better than ever. You want to figure out what happened, to heal from the past, and keep things from getting this bad again in the future.

Does it seem possible? To have the kind of relationship where you call your spouse your best friend? To go to bed feeling intimately connected and cherished by the person next to you? To know that whatever life brings, you can trust your spouse to be there?

Don't waste another day being stuck in this terrible, lonely pattern. There can be happiness again - you just need to learn the steps to a new dance. I can help.


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