Are your relationships stressing you out?

If you're tired of trying to make things better on your own, you're in the right place.

Sharon Hale, Marriage and Couples Therapy

Friends. Family. Marriage. 

Your relationships are what you value most in life. What good is money, success, or fame if there is nobody to share it with?

However, relationships are incredibly complicated. Even when you are surrounded by the people you care about, some part of you feels Lonely. Excluded. Pushed away. Unimportant.

These feelings are deeply painful. And even though you've tried everything in you know to make things better, it either makes no difference, or things seem to get worse. 

You've read self-help books, scoured the internet, and are still struggling. Counseling feels like admitting there's something wrong with you or your marriage, and you're not sure it'll even help.

How is going to counseling going to be any different from the things you've already tried?

The idea of talking to a stranger about your feelings can be hard. I've felt those feelings too, and know how scary and humbling it can be to ask for help.

That's why I work so hard to make counseling feel like a conversation. It doesn't have to be awkward. Your relationships stress you out enough - I don't want counseling to make your life more difficult.

My favorite part of counseling is watching my clients relax, helping them learn how to share deeply about their experiences with me and the people they care about, and experiencing how this process gives them the courage and confidence to be themselves in the world and become more resilient in difficult situations. I've seen this process over and over, and it always brings me so much joy.

 Are you ready to experience the closeness and connection you've longed for? Or are you going to keep struggling with it on your own?

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How Counseling Works:

1. Request an appointment. We will chat on the phone for about 15 minutes so I can answer any questions you have about counseling, and I will ask you about what you are looking for in counseling.  From there, if we decide to move forward, we will schedule our first full appointment together.

2. Weekly sessions. During sessions, we will talk about the problems you are experiencing, what keeps you stuck in those patterns, and find new ways to think about things or how to approach them differently. You will be able to share about what's bothering you in a safe, comfortable environment.

3. Start noticing how your life is changing. As you make changes to how you think and interact with others, you will make progress and start to feel better. The more you put into practice between sessions, the faster you will get to your goals.

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