Overwhelmed? Tired? Lonely?

As a kid, did you look forward to adulthood because you thought your life would be so much better once you could move out of your parents' house and "do what you want"?

Then that big day came - and you realized that being an adult is just as confusing and difficult (maybe more so!). 

You started new relationships, a job, or maybe jumped into graduate school. The stress kept growing and you realized it is harder to forget the hurts of your past than you thought it would be.

All you want now is to have a few meaningful relationships with others, to wake up feeling excited and prepared for your day, and to manage your time and money so you can spend your energy on the things that matter most to you.

Don't wait any longer! The best years of your life are ahead. 

How Counseling Works:

1. Request an appointment. We will chat on the phone for about 15 minutes so I can answer any questions you have about counseling, and I will ask you about what you are looking for in counseling.  From there, if we decide to move forward, we will schedule our first full appointment together.

2. Weekly sessions. During sessions, we will talk about the problems you are experiencing, what keeps you stuck in those patterns, and find new ways to think about things or how to approach them differently. You will be able to share about what's bothering you in a safe, comfortable environment.

3. Start noticing how your life is changing. As you make changes to how you think and interact with others, you will make progress and start to feel better. The more you put into practice between sessions, the faster you will get to your goals.