Marriage is hard.  And that's not your fault.

When you woke up this morning, how did you feel?

Were you looking forward to spending time with the ones you love and enjoying the life you've worked hard to create?

Or were you walking on eggshells the minute your feet touched the floor, trying to avoid starting an argument or triggering a negative spiral that you can't snap out of?

Maybe you've read all the self-help books on relationships, read all the blogs, asked your friends for advice, and nothing worked. You still feel distant from your spouse or caught in a conflict cycle that seems to get bigger each day. Can counseling even help repair this relationship?

It's not your fault. Life throws a lot of demands at you, and few of us were taught how to have deep, meaningful relationships with others where we feel loved, understood, and valued despite our shortcomings. 

Don't give up yet - counseling can help. I have coached couples just like you to repair the distance between them, fight better, and listen so that each partner feels truly understood. Some of these couples have questioned the future of their relationship, and were ultimately able to reconcile and now have a relationship that is better than ever. 

Imagine having a relationship so full of love that your friends come to you for advice. You can get there - Don't waste another day stuck in that cycle!

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